Our Story

The Story

of Fuego

How our Peri-Peri Passion was ignited

A vacation to Europe became very-very fateful for the Peri-Peri visionaries of Fuego. It was there they sampled the incomparable flavor explosion of the Portuguese Peri-Peri Pepper. One bite, and they fell head-over-taste-buds in love. After months of the most delicious research one could imagine – the Fuego, Peri-Peri Grill was on its merry-merry way to pleasing the palates of thousands of lucky patrons. Like you. We believe that life should be full of flavor. And we’ve made it our mission to deliver on that promise with everything we serve at Fuego – every order, every time.

Producing Peri-Peri Perfection

Q: “Please tell me, what in the world inspires this crazy-delicious variety of mouth-watering, tongue-burning sauces to choose from?”
A: We infuse all of our sauces with hand-selected Eastern spices and herbs – creating a potpourri of Peri-Peri flavors 100% particular to Fuego.

Q: “I need to know more about these insanely-delectable options I’m about to be forced to choose from!”
A: We offer six different sauces, each designed for a unique flavor preference:
Mango & Lime, Lemon & Herb, Mild, Hot, and Extra Hot. Please refer to our Peri-O-Meter to determine your perfect match.

Q: “So what type of proteins can I pick?”
A: While chicken is our claim-to-fame … that only where Fuego’s taste adventure begins. You can also scrumptiously select from Chicken, Paneer, or Tofu – each as delightful as the last.

Q: “And can we get vegetarian specific?”
A: Welcome to the non-meat destination of your dreams. We pride ourselves in offering vegetarians as many choices (or more) as their carnivore counterparts. Choose from either fresh-grilled tofu or paneer – and top with any of our savory sauces – all 100% vegetarian!

Q: “Do you serve Halal?”
A: Yes! All our chicken is fresh, never frozen Halal meat.

Q: “When you say fresh, how fresh is your fresh?”
A: The freshest. Marinated for a whopping 24-hour minimum in deliciousness, then fire-grilled instantly to bring out every fiery flavor.

Q: “And when you say local – how local is your local?”
A: Farm-to-taste-bud local. Drawing from traditional Portuguese practices, we proudly source all our produce from farms close to home. It betters our flavors and our communities – all at the same time.